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Ken Ogawa Sensei (obituary)
Richard Snavely Sensei (obituary)
Tim Purcell Sensei
Eunice Chan Sensei

Class schedule and location:
Monday Nights: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Buddhist Church of San Francisco
1881 Pine St. The entrance is on Octavia St.

Thursday Nights: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
JCCCNC Gym. 1840 Sutter St.

July Schedule:
Please note that there will be no Monday practice through July 23rd. Monday practice will resume on July 30th.


Membership fees:
Adults (18 years old and older) annual fee is $610, or if paid quarterly is 1st Payment $205, and subsequent payments (April 1, July 1, Oct 1) are $135.

For youth (individuals under 18 years old) the annual fee is $475, or paid if paid quarterly the 1st payment is $180, and subsequent payments are (April 1, July 1, Oct 1) $105.

For all first time San Francisco Kendo Dojo members, there will be an additional $20 administration fee required.

Note: All dojo fees include the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) and Northern California Kendo Federation (NCKF) fees.

However, any member practicing Iaido is required to register and pay an additional $25 for the Northern California Iaido Association (NCIA) fee. This is in addition to the above mentioned dojo fees.

See detailed information and maps under About Dojo.

The San Francisco Kendo dojo practices Kendo
and ZNKR Seitei Iaido